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Gratitude In Nature’s Realm: Part-3 The Story Of Inner Conversations With Nature As A Catalyst

Nature isn't just trees and trails; it's the universal therapist hiding in plain sight. 

Trees whisper wisdom in their rustling leaves, shimmering lakes reflect our reflections, and the wind amplifies our inner voice amid the chaos. Nature sets the stage for an uninterrupted heart-to-heart with yourself.

How does nature wield this magic wand of introspection?

Imagine two women, lost in the maze of life's demands, finding solace on a forest trail. 

Anna & Milauni, their stories aren't exceptions; they're testaments to nature's power to stir dormant thoughts and make you the best version of yourself.

Anna Birkas from Ukiah, CA, is an entrepreneur who discovered her true passion in human nature connections as she spent time outdoors.

“It is impossible to remember how much relief nature provides me until I am back in it again. Each time in nature feels new. Intellectually, I know this; so when I feel low I make myself drive out and park and wonder. Even if I am hiking in a local park where I have been a hundred times, subtle changes of something beautiful strikes awe in me. And this strike is all encompassing; it harnesses my spirit in presence. 


To me, nature is the most aesthetic thing to exist on earth. Everybody knows nature is beautiful, but it goes beyond simple beauty to the point of… dare I say it, feeling like a higher power? Undisturbed nature, that which has not been altered by humans, has a greater level of perfection, but any small piece, such as the fall leaves outside my window, can bring a sense of peace. That is really what nature brings… peace. Peace of mind, peace of heart, and relaxation.


I find that most human-built spaces are not built from aesthetic inspiration. People can build artfully, and historically this was done, but today capitalism dominates, and thus our built spaces grate on the spirit. I find relief from the grind, from the struggle, in forests, rivers, lakes, meadows, clouds, the ocean, and even small things like liverworts or the leaf of a ginkgo biloba. In my effort to build a better world I work to bring humans into nature and to bring nature into human spaces. 

My two businesses, Village Ecosystems (watershed science) and Chickfly (pants with a fly that works for everybody), are the social and eco enterprises I have created to create synergistic benefits between humans and nature for the benefit of all.”

Milauni Desai from Milpitas, CA, found solace on hikes when she restarted the activity after a long break.

“I have been blessed amongst few who had the opportunity to go on short walks and long hikes as a young teenager back while growing up in india. With a long hiatus of almost three decades, I finally got to resume my passion to be outdoors in 2022, thanks to the amazing hikers community HikeQueen Buddies & MyTrailPals.

Being on trail, in nature is the perfect yin to my yang - cathartic and therapeutic, grounding and uplifting, relaxing and energizing. The tall standing trees, the tiny bugs, the life erupting from fallen and burnt trees are all reminders for me to hold on and not give up, for there lies something stronger and beautiful to see and live for. I have always felt oneness with nature and every time I am climbing to the top, I hear it telling me .. you can do it, because if it’s not you, then who? The solace that every step in nature brings to my heart I love to capture that in my artwork at thinq.artsy"

Challenges like the incessant buzz of technology, the constant pressure to multitask, and the fear of loneliness block our path to self-discovery.

Start small. Dedicate 10 minutes daily to commune with nature. Observe, listen, and reflect. As you grow comfortable, extend your sessions. Challenge yourself to wander farther, both in nature and in your mind.

Remember, the goal isn't perfection; it's progress.

Dive into Nature’s embrace and let it ignite the dormant conversations within. Your inner voice isn't lost; it's waiting to be found—in the whispers of the wind, in the rustle of leaves, in the symphony of nature.

You only need curiosity and a willingness to listen—to yourself and to the universe.



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