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Gratitude in Nature’s Realm: Part-1 The Healing Prescription No Doctor Can Order

In the bustling chaos of modern life, the healing touch of nature often becomes a forgotten remedy.

For countless, stepping into the embrace of the outdoors has been more than a mere escape—it's been a transformative journey. These women's stories stand as testament to the profound healing power of nature.

Moments spent amidst trees, under open skies, and surrounded by natural beauty have built resilience, clarity, peace and a profound appreciation for life.

As we close 2023, the MyTrailPals team sharing journeys of women who experienced profound change from their time outdoors. A gratitude Series - for the awe nature inspires and the many ways it restores balance in our busy lives

Join us on the first journey as we read true narratives of two women whose lives have been reshaped in nature's sanctuary.

Sukanya from Dublin,CA started getting active later in life. How did nature inspire her to get there and then keep going? In her own words.

“I started to workout when I was at the age of 42. And now at 57 - 15 yrs later- I am very proud to say that staying active and being in nature is my addiction.

One fine day I decided to start running and it was not an easy journey.

But I was persistent and right when I started in 2008, I got diagnosed with cancer. Had to go through Chemo and Radiation. I am proud to say that through my treatment I kept my running going.

I ran almost every day - slow - but wore my shoes and got out. I truly believe to this day that my running helped me control my mind and body - mentally and physically - helped me get over the worst disease.

I have now added Hiking to my routine. Nature and fresh air makes me appreciate life every single day. With 20 half marathons and so many mountain peaks that I have climbed to my credit including Everest Base Camp and Mt.Kilimanjaro- I am living a healthy life, full of energy, and strive to take on challenges every single day!

Any form of exercise does wonders to our body and soul. It is the best medicine you will ever find. It boosts our energy, cures all diseases (I truly believe in that), helps us beat depression, stress, anxiety.. the list is endless. I strive to challenge myself to do better as my active pals (be it on trail or gym) inspire, motivate, encourage me, and root for each other, they are my support system. We plan adventures together and it's fun. They are my soulmates.

Best part is what happens on trails stays there!🙂 We get our laughter therapy, life therapy, kitchen tips and recipes, many good advice! It is the best thing that happened to me!"

From Sukanya’s journey you’ll notice the hardest thing was to put those shoes and to commit to moving. She started slow and built up the momentum. You just need to show up, the rest will fall in place.

Sukanya kept making tiny strides that kept her focused on recovery and the future. Anything better than yesterday is progress, however tiny. She truly believes that running helped her control her mind and body’s reaction to her disease and helped her get over the worst times.

Her message for those working towards a health goal - “Find your happy place to workout- whatever that maybe for you! That is the secret to keep at it! Happy Moving ♥️”

Then there is Dhanashri Patel of Milpitas, CA who has always found solace in the embrace of nature away from the stress of everyday life. She shares how nature was a healing force during testing times and why she returns to its embrace often.

“In the ebb and flow of life, I have always found solace in the embrace of nature. It's where I turn when uncertainty clouds my path, and the answers seem elusive.

A simple walk becomes more than just a stroll; it transforms into a dialogue with my inner self, a conversation with the very essence of who I am. Nature has a way of unfolding the knots of confusion, gently guiding me towards clarity. With each step, I feel a profound connection to myself, a reunion with my core that often gets drowned in daily life. It always gives me a sense of passion and purpose.

Last year brought with it a torrent of tragedy, leaving me grappling with grief and uncertainty and made me question my whole existence. In the face of such adversity, I turned to nature as my refuge.

Whether it was a brief stroll through my neighbourhood or a challenging hike up a mountain trail, each step became a testament to my healing journey. Nature, with its gentle encouragement, allowed me to mend a little more each day.

Today, as I reflect on those walks that stitched together the fragments of my resilience, I find myself standing on firmer ground. The healing power of nature has woven a tapestry of confidence and resilience within me. In the quiet companionship of trees and the expansive embrace of mountains,

I have discovered a strength I never knew existed—a strength that propels me forward with newfound assurance. Nature, with its timeless wisdom, has been my steadfast companion, guiding me from uncertainty to resilience, one step at a time.”

Dhanashri strongly believes that time in nature has a way of helping her towards clarity. Her walks always leave her feeling refreshed and give her a sense of purpose.

So put those shoes 👟👟 on, step out the door 🌳. Start with 5 min and build up slowly. Be it alone or with someone Walk on the road, trails or parks - wherever you love - but start. And then see the magic 🪄 unfold.



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