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  • What is MyTrailPals?
    MyTrailPals is an app that makes loving the outdoors accessible, safe and fun. Our mission is to integrate outdoors into everyday existence. Create an inclusive space where everyone can share their passion for outdoors, nature and build meaningful connections. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, MyTrailPals is the perfect place to meet new people and explore your favorite outdoor activities together Find pals to go with, host your own hike, run, cycling or other outdoor activity event or join planned activities. You never have to do it alone. This community has members who are all outdoor enthusiasts. It is an excellent mix of experienced members and newbies who are discovering the outdoors for the first time. All our members cherish this space, value the community and the Trail Pals they make. ​So, download, sign-up and meet new pals on the trails!
  • What does the app do?
    MyTrailPals app houses a thriving and growing outdoor community. The app enables you to: Find and connect with outdoor enthusiasts with similar interests and fitness levels around you. Discover & join events hosted by other Trail Pals. Host your event and invite the community to participate in it. Share your outdoor love and inspire others Whether you participate in someone's event or host your own, MyTrailPals will bring you together with outdoor enthusiasts in your area. Make new Trail Pals, and discover new adventures.
  • How does the app work and what features does it have?
    The app lets you: Create Profile: Tell us a little about yourself, including your location and the type of outdoor activities you enjoy. Explore, join & host events: Discover outdoor events based on location, activity preferences, and other criteria. Join events, host them, and be a part of a thriving outdoor community. Find Trail Pals: Find like-minded outdoor enthusiasts based on location, activity references, and other criteria through the app. You become a part of a robust community that makes outdoors easy, safe and fun. Share Adventures- Share your adventures, inspire and get inspired. Support and empower others Get outside and have fun: Meet up with your new Trail Pals and enjoy all that nature offers. Who knows, you may just make a new lifelong friend!
  • How do I become a member of MyTrailPals?
    You can become a member by downloading the app on your mobile device and signing up using a valid email address. You can sign in using your google ID or Apple ID or FaceBook ID as well. That’s it.
  • What information does my Profile screen display?
    Your Profile will list your name, your fitness levels, the area you are located in and the activities you are interested in. We recommend adding your favorite photo as a profile picture. It makes others feel comfortable to connect with another human :) In the profile, your Trail Pals will also see the list of Events you are attending or hosting. Any Adventures you have shared will also be visible to Trail Pals on your profile screen. We recommend completing your profile information. When you add information about yourself, it helps others to get to know you better :)
  • How do I discover other Trail Pals?
    Click the Trail Pals on Explore screen to navigate to a list of all members of the community. If you know someone, simply click the connect to send them a Trail Pal request. It's a good gesture to add a note while sending a request. You can filter the list based on "mutual connections, distance & interests".
  • Can I choose who I want to be Trail Pals with?
    Yes! One of the primary ideas behind the app is to make new Trail Pals so that you discover the outdoors together. Once you look up the list, you can choose whom to send Trail Pal requests to. Likewise, other community members also send you requests to be their Trail Pals. You can either approve or decline.
  • Can I control who sends me a Trail Pals request?
    No. While you cannot control who sends you a Trail Pals request, you can certainly choose to accept or decline it.
  • Can I decline a Trail Pal request?
    Yes you can decline a Trail Pal request, just as you can accept one.
  • How do I find outdoor events on the app?
    Use the Events feature from the app bar to see a list of events planned by dates and by areas. Click Attending to confirm your participation. You have the option of adding the event to your calendar also. Once you’ve confirmed attendance, you will be added to Event Chats for the latest updates about the event. The Host will share details around assembly times, assembly points, things to carry and activity duration. Attendees can also ask any questions in the chat.
  • Can I sign up for more than one event?
    As long as both events are not at the same time on the same day, you can sign up for as many events as you want. Be mindful of over-committing :). It's a good idea to plan rest time between events.
  • Are events categorized by activity type?
    Yes. When you visit the Events screen, you will see events categorized not only by activity type, but by the proximity of event location to yours. The activities include Walking, Running, Hiking, Camping, Biking and Backpacking. Use the green filter button to filter the events that interest you and sign up for them.
  • I want to register for an outdoor event, but it says it's full?
    If the event is full, this means that we follow a set of outdoor ethics while we are out on the trail. Adhering to any set limits for groups on the trail means controlling any damaging effects we have on the trail due to mass participation. It also fits in with our Leave No Trace policy. The event hosts also specify a group limit so that they can manage the event and the associated logistics with adequate safety in place. You can check with the Event Host for any last-minute places that might have opened up.
  • I cannot make it to the event I registered for. How do I cancel?
    Yes, if you cannot make it for an event, it is a good idea to inform the host in advance. You can simply change your RSVP from Attending to Sorry, I can't make it, and the host will be informed.
  • Where do I find past events?
    On the Discover Events screen click See All to view all upcoming & past events. Under My Events tab you can see the all upcoming/past events hosted by you.
  • Can I bring my dog on a group hike?
    We love dogs! If dogs are permitted on the trail, we leave this decision up to the event host. If dogs are allowed on a group hike it is noted in the event details.
  • I want to host an event. What information should I share?
    When you want to host an event, click the + sign on the Events screen and accept the Host Rules to proceed. These rules are general guidelines and not exhaustive. Often, common sense and discretion should be your guide. On the Event screen, simply fill the required fields with details about the event. If there are a limited number of spots, mention the number. Otherwise the app assumes that spots are unlimited by default and anyone can sign-up. An optional Link field is given to share a map link to location or parking spot or any other detail you want to share with the participants. A photo of the same Event from another time might be a great addition to the Event screen. It will encourage people to sign up. The Type drop down lets you select if the event is easy, moderate or difficult. Members can decide to join based on their comfort with the difficulty level. Finally, you can keep the event Private or check the Public box to make the event public. Keeping it Private will open it only to Trail Pals you are connected with. When you make an event Public, it is shared with all the community users in proximity to the event. You can now save the event as a Draft or Publish it to open it for participants.
  • Is MyTrailPals only for hiking?
    No. MyTrailPals facilitates all sorts of outdoor activities like trail walking, cycling, running, backpacking, and camping, besides hiking. The vision is to connect folks with similar outdoor interests so that they can plan outdoor adventures together.
  • What are the two types of chats?
    As soon as an event is created, a new Event Chat is created on the app. Everyone who signed up for the event is then added to the Event Chat automatically. The Host uses this chat to convey important information about the activity. Members can also ask questions and clarify doubts on this chat. The other chat is Trail Pals Chat, which you can initiate with any Trail Pal in your Trail Pal list.
  • Can I share my outdoor activities with the community?
    Absolutely. We encourage members to share their own adventures with other Trail Pals. Use the Share icon on the bottom app bar to share pictures and videos from your outdoor adventures. You can add an activity description so that it helps others discover new places. This is the space even to ask questions, add comments, like, and view what others around have been up to.
  • Why is the app asking for my location to be turned on?
    The app asks for location details so that it can point you to events and Trail Pals in your proximity. It does not share your location details or address with anyone.
  • Does the app share my information with anyone?
    Name, location, profile data user share is needed for app functionality. MyTrailPals uses your location to Trail Pals in your proximity and to recommend events happening around you. This is necessary for the app to function optimally. For data sharing please Refer privacy policy for more details.
  • Can I delete my data from MyTrailPals?
    Yes, user has full control on their data. From Posts, Events, Carpool, Profile page user can delete the data he/she posted. You can also request to delete MyTrailPals account either by sending email to "" or through app "Delete Account" feature. However deleting account will result in loss of all the data and will not be recoverable and account deletion could take upto 30 days.
  • Is the app free to use?
    Yes, you can use all the exisitng features. You "Pay us by stepping outdoors" and "inviting" others to join you on outdoor & wellness journey 😊 Read terms of service.
  • I have additional questions. How do I get in touch?
    Email us - and we will get in touch within 48 business hours.
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